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Harness the power of your data without limitations

Our history

At the forefront of new technologies. Drawing from our collective experience, we recognized the critical importance of empowering non-technical users to effortlessly manipulate their data without constantly relying on the IT team or possessing advanced technical skills.
Combining our professional backgrounds and our fascination with artificial intelligence, data, and technological advancements, we've introduced Dive2Analytics and Dive2Insights, serving as the cornerstone for your analytics and decision-making endeavors.
With our modular and agile tools, we are committed to meeting your needs effectively and simplifying and democratizing your data journey on a grand scale.
Welcome to the thaink² universe, where technological excellence converges with actionable business insights, and where accessibility for all users is paramount

thaink² Story
thaink² Mission

Our mission

At thaink², we embody the spirit of innovation and embrace the transformative power of deeptech. We are charting new territories in Cloud, Data, and AI solutions.
Our platform is more than a tool; it's a paradigm shift, challenging conventional wisdom and setting new standards for accessibility and functionality. With unwavering dedication to innovation, we empower businesses of all sizes to unlock the full potential of analytics and insights, without the need for complex coding.
Driven by our relentless pursuit of disruptive innovation, we are on a mission to redefine the way organizations harness technology for success. We are not just a solution provider; we are catalysts for change, igniting a revolution that reshapes industries and drives progress.
Join us on our journey as we pioneer the future of technology, one breakthrough at a time

Our team

Anis MEZIANI - CEO | thaink²



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Polytechnic engineer with advanced mastery of AI and Machine Learning and a strong entrepreneurial bent

Farid AZOUAOU  - CTO | thaink²



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Mathematician/Data and IT expert with 10+ years' international experience

Malik SENOUCI - Marketing | thaink²



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Experienced marketing and communication expert with over 7 years of experience in startups.

Confidential Business Advisor

Business Advisor


Business developer and key account manager with over 20 years of international experience in data and cloud

Confidential Advisor

Scientific Advisor


Researcher and lecturer specializing in industrial mathematics and operations research.


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