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thaink² obtains Deeptech label from Bpifrance for its ambitious AI and data research project

Metz, March 7, 2024 - thaink², the startup specialized in developing sovereign analytics and AI solutions, is leading a research project that has just been labeled Deeptech by Bpifrance, thus demonstrating the technological attractiveness of its choices and commercial potential.

Data and its end-to-end processing represent the spearhead of thaink². Through its platform, data is centralized, processed, and transformed simply and efficiently according to needs. thaink²'s cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence models democratize access to data science, enabling the creation of deep analytics, custom AI products, applications, dashboards or APIs, and even automating various processes, KPIs, or reports.

Despite a delicate economic context, the company has managed to convince and secure funding for its development, as well as support from trusted financial actors. Among them are Bpifrance, the Grand Est Region, Caisse d'épargne Grand Est Europe, CIC Est, and Initiative Metz / Grand Est, who were convinced by the startup's strategic and technological approach.

thaink² counts among its partners Bpifrance, C2IME, and La Compagnie du Diamantaire, represented by Michel ONFRAY, bringing valuable expertise for its development.

The funds raised will be strategically invested in R&D, recruiting new talents to strengthen its international commercial expansion.

"The success of this operation in the current economic environment reinforces our belief that thaink² is on the path to success and in the best timing for our type of solution. The support of our financial partners who share this vision is invaluable," shares Anis MEZIANI, CEO of thaink².

The success of this funding clearly demonstrates the founders' ambition to make thaink² an undisputed leader in instilling a data culture and a major player in the democratization of artificial intelligence in the professions of tomorrow.

With financial support from the Grand Est Region


Malik Senouci

Marketing and communications


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